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Welcome to My Box

today Online Shopping becomes dominant feature at the moment, which Allowing new horizons and wide in the selection of a variety and new of global products with best and lowest price, and this help you to buy from these global trade sites easily ,but you can face some problem in shipping such as May be high-priced or that some of the global commercial sites do not make International ship and this hampering complete the purchase from these commercial sites

MNEX provide MY BOX International service and this is the best and appropriate solution for each customer wishing to global address their own in both America , Britain ,China & United Arab Emirates , Which allows them to shopping and buying online in complete satisfaction and the receipt Off all purchase on Mailbox Global Address on behalf of them and redirected to the country where resident, With the possibility of tracking of shipment through our website at any time and receive it locally with the lowest and the best shipping prices with pay for the value of shipping upon receipt

How to track the shipment

You can follow the shipment through our website you have to either enter the number of the source policy (supplier) given to you by the seller in advance and therefore will show you the new carrier's policy number and the state that the shipment When you want to know more about the case of shipment, you have to either Press on the new carrier's policy number will automatically move to more details about the cases of shipment through the carrier's website.

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